The Game Layer on Top of Your Organization

This is your organization on game: The game board is the organizational landscape. The dark forces are competition, market fluctuations, and changing demographics. The players are the employees. The moves are political, personal and organizational.

And don’t forget the story. While some say games don’t need stories, this one does—about a higher purpose, a deeper calling, larger goals than business outcomes. Make employees care. Deeply.

Tell them a story about what could be—a better world, a more collaborative culture, a more humane way of being. Show them how your business goals, partnered with their teamwork, heroism and personal courage, enable a larger story, a nobler quest.

Finally, be astutely aware of the power you have, through game dynamics, to change behavior in subtle and surreptitious ways. Use that power consciously and humbly. Be a force for good and impeccable in your integrity.

Be the leader they want you to be. Inspire them to achieve epic wins for you, your organization and the world.


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