CultureShape, LLC is a boutique, project-driven company that produces creative instructional content using experiential and accelerated learning techniques. Our sweet spot is the use of story and game/gamification to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Do you want to change the world?

Stories and games have the ability to change the way people think, what they believe, and how they act in ways they are often unaware of. Over time, this creates a ripple effect–from the individual to the organization to the world–and can create positive change at every level.

Content immersion is our secret weapon.

Our process is simple: research, analyze, and design and develop an end product that emerges organically from your needs and the content (and many conversations about both). Products can span simple “how to” articles or case studies to interactive games and immersive learning experiences driven by narrative.

Creative instructional design

is our core competence.

Not all instructional designers are created equally. Generally, they fall in two categories: technical and creative. We fall in the latter and partner with the former.

Our instructional design skills include analysis of your needs and the behaviors (and related learning objectives) required to meet those needs. Then, we develop all the parts and pieces. In a perfect world, we also pilot what we build and make post-pilot revisions.

We are story-makers and game changers.

Our creative competence includes concepting, visual treatments, and the design of narrative frameworks and storyboards advanced by gaming moves. Our work tells a story–in words, art and interactivity–that anchors the learning at a deep level.

Stories and games/game-based learning can occur in many contexts, from a traditional instructor-led workshop to an immersive online experience. You tell us what your capabilities are and we’ll design a product that, hopefully, will knock your sox off.

We are a collaborative group.

We don’t work alone. We partner with creative and technical instructional designers, subject matter experts, editors, game and graphic designers, and, of course, with you, who drives the end game. We also have a leader.

Denver and Boulder Headshot PhotographyM. Carolyn Miller, MA, is the principal of CultureShape, LLC. She is a senior creative instructional designer and award-winning writer with a 20-year career working with stories and games. She also has a graduate degree in the motherlode of story: mythology.

A member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, Miller has received the 2015 Award for Publication Excellence (APEX) and the 2015 American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) for feature article writing.



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