Denver and Boulder Headshot Photography

We all want to know our lives matter, that they count for something, that we are living a deeper and more meaningful story. This is the underlying message in my presentations and programs. The goal? For all of us to embrace the largeness of our lives and the power we have to shape its stories.

Leadership Stories™ (2004-2008)

This in-depth women’s leadership program explores the mythology that informs an individual’s leadership style, including family legacies, cultural influences, and personal beliefs. It also introduces “emotional leadership competencies.” Deliverables include a book, tools, and facilitator guide. Note: This program is available for licensing, in blended and traditional formats, and is currently being formatted for online delivery. See details here.

Mentoring Circles® (2006)

This unique four-month leadership circle brought together local business leaders and graduating women and minority engineering students to share “lessons learned” and leadership competencies within the framework of their personal stories. The program included weekly facilitation and related coaching to help mentors craft and share compelling business stories. See details here.


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