Millennials are now the majority population in the United States, according to Pew Research Center. Nearly half of them play video games, a number that is growing at a rate of 1-2% a year, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

We live in a game culture.

They—and increasingly the rest of us—are gamers, in outlook if not in practice. If you don’t believe that, think about the coffee card you carry in your pocket, or the last time you “leveled up” by purchasing additional legroom on a flight.

The task for organizations is to leverage this new economy using strategic currency, that is, designers and writers—the new storytellers—who can emotionally enroll “players,” aka leaders-employees-stewards-followers to change attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

Instructional Design Projects

i-designThe Regis Company: Colorado Department of Transportation, Denver, CO: As subcontractor, designed and developed an immersive onboarding simulation  for 16 engineering disciplines; interviewed Subject Matter Experts, developed narrative framework/storyboard, collaborated with internal expert and game designer to develop plot, subplots, characters and progression that mapped to learning outcomes; developed intranet website/blog, character profiles, A/V scripts, assessments, etc.

The Centers for Spiritual Living, Golden, CO: Re-designed 12-hour instructor-led training to be competency-based, experiential and with a flexible delivery option for national rollout; included Subject Matter Expert interviews, source content immersion, and development of detailed design document that could be used to direct in-house development.

cultureshape servicesDevelopment Decisions, International, Inc., Houston, TX: As subcontractor, designed and developed instructor-led international leadership simulation for offshore rig managers; included research/coordination with 12-member Subject Matter Expert team, development of technical business case and related scenarios/activities; developed facilitator guide and PowerPoints, and participant workbook, journal and job aids; co-facilitated pilot and scribed post-pilot revisions.

Verus Global, Highlands Ranch, CO: Redesigned a multi-part instructor-led, international leadership program so that it was blended, standardized, current, instructionally sound, and engaging for a millennial target audience. Interviewed experts and stakeholders and, in collaboration with client leadership team, developed project plan, curriculum maps, learning objectives, design document, and immersive learning concepts.

carolyn miller i-design

Front Range Community College, Ft. Collins, CO: Designed and developed a two-part, blended learning experience, using open source content, for high- growth start-up entrepreneurs in the clean tech industry; included subject matter expert interviews, storyboarding, project management, creative team collaboration, development of facilitator guide and participant worksheets, and pilot facilitation.

Stan Johnson Company, Tulsa, OK: Redesigned instructor-led new hire sales training into a case-driven online simulation for commercial real estate agents. Interviewed Subject Matter Experts, and developed content map, storyboard, business case and related activities, audio scripts, screen text, and visual treatments; coordinated with creative and technical teams.

International Learning Systems, Inc., Golden, CO: Collaborated with Fortune 500 companies to design and develop soft-skills instructor-led training programs; niche was creative participant materials, especially stories (business cases, business fables, story prework) and games (tabletop, board, card, etc.), that taught, for example, communication, quality assurance and compensation.

Game Projects

Claim Game BoardLinx. Board game that taught a quality initiative process.

Sharks! Board game that taught healthcare communication skills

The Claim Game. Board game that taught a claims process

*Decks for Success. Micro-lending card game that teaches entrepreneurial skills through personal stories

*Grand Game of Story. Board game that enables players to explore their life stories within the framework of the hero’s journey and personal mythology.

*LifeLines. Conversational card decks that promote deeper conversations, including:

  • Risk. Intimate conversations for couples
  • Sizzle. Conversational foreplay for couples
  • Great Expectations. Pre-vacation conversations for couples
  • Good Grief. Conversations to celebrate a loved one’s death
  • Legacies. Family conversations to discuss emotional legacies
  • Sisters. Women’s conversations about being female
  • Mixed Company. Lighter party conversations

*Available for licensing and customizing.



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