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Instructional design (“I-Design”) is the art and skill of breaking down content into bite-sized chunks and then rearranging those chunks in such a way that they can be spoon-fed to others so they can learn it. Examples below rely on traditional and emerging technologies.

Immersive Learning


This online prework for an onboarding course:

Leveraged story to teach a process

Used gaming to advance the learning

Included audio, video and interactivity

Carolyn’s Role:

Designed narrative framework and storyboard

Developed A/V scripts, blog, websites, etc.

Blended Learning

carolyn miller i-design

This entrepreneurial course for high-growth startups:

Relied on open source content and SME interviews

Included online and instructor-led delivery methods

Included multi-media, worksheets, facilitator guide, etc.

Carolyn’s Role:

Work with SMEs and research online content

Design entrepreneurial roadmap

Design/develop worksheets, facilitator guide, etc.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

cultureshape services

This 2-day international leadership program:

Employed a technical business case and related activities

Included traditional participant and facilitator materials

Carolyn’s Role:

Research/write business case and scenarios

Coordinate with a 12-member SME team

Draft facilitator and participant materials

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