At CultureShape, LLC, we see the big picture. Then, we connect the dots. When they don’t connect, we build bridges, with words, symbols, metaphors and patterns.

Creative versatility = “Open Sesame”

Stories, visual treatments, and “what’s in it for me” infuse our writing products. They can include books and workbooks, eBooks and stories, case studies, feature and “how to” articles, blog posts, business fables, audio/video scripts, storyboards and more.

Work Samples


Cover_Dec2017“You Win: Game-Based Marketing Programs Build Customer Loyalty,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association, December 2017.

“That Was a Dumb Thing to Do! Constructive Feedback has the Capacity to Change Behavior,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association, July 2017.

Suicide Cover_Mar16“The Landscape of Suicide: Known Risk Factors, Preventive Measures,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association, March 2016.

“The Elephant in the Room: Overcoming Compassion Fatigue,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association, Dec. 2015.

Wired for Bias: Be Aware of Your Unconscious Prejudice,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association, July 2015.

“Strategic Storytelling: Unleash the Power of Stories for Happier Endings,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association, May 2015.

“The Creative Edge: Creativity is a Practice’s Secret Competitive Edge,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association, Feb. 2015.

“Taking the Lead: Leadership Brings Rewards to the Whole Practice Team,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association, March 2015.

ATDCover-Oct2014“What’s Your EQ? Managing Your Emotions, and Their Impact on Others, is the Key to Efficiency,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association,  Dec. 2014.

Culture: The Invisible Force. A Culture Strategy Begins by Identifying the Why, What and How of Your Practice,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association,  Nov. 2014.

“The Seductive Power of Story: How to Trigger Learning at a Deep Level,” Talent Development, Association for Talent Development, Oct. 2014.

“Big Data Goes Small: Mine Your Data for Profits,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association,  Sept. 2014.

GenArticleCvr_AugTrends“One Big Happy Family? How to Maximize Generational Learning Styles,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association,  Aug. 2014.  Award-winner!

“Get Your Game On: To Motivate Employees and Trigger Problem-Solving in Tough Times, Look at Your Practice Through a Gamer’s Lens and Show Everyone How to Win,” Trends magazine, American Animal Hospital Association,  Aug. 2011.


Real estate blog, ghost-written; sample posts below; additional posts available here.

Bylined skin-care tips blog for busy moms:

Bylined daily news blog for veterinary professionals, published Dec. 2014 to Oct. 2016;  additional posts here. Search by date; not all articles bylined.

Case Studies


  • A Fisherman Called Wanda. Novus, Inc. Tale of a seamstress who learned how to fish to save her town; moral: cross-training is key to employee survival.
  • Story Game GroupHealthcare Heroes. Service Master, Inc. Story of four healthcare employees, each faced with a new trend. Moral: leverage the trends to survive.
  • Sharks! Kaiser Permanente. Story of a nurse who had to learn new language to survive in her island job; moral: learn how to communicate with doctors to help bottomline.
  • Lucy’s Lost Marbles. Story of a woman who lost—and found—herself. Moral:  do what you love (play marbles) to be authentic.
  • Heather’s Hairdos. Story of an African American woman who lost—and found—herself. Moral: do what you love (style hairdos) to be authentic.

Self-Directed Books and Booklets

  • International Learning System, Value Game Pre-Reading. A 45-page pre-reading booklet for customer service board game. Included stories, maps, games, quizzes, visuals.
  • Art Institutes International, Admissions Guide to Success. New hire sales training reference manual (300 pages) for Admissions Directors. Included quizzes, self-assessments and personal development plan.
  • Art Institutes International, Trainers’ Guide to Success. New hire training, coaching and action planning resource (150 pages) for Admissions Directors. Included how-to’s for training, team leadership and feedback/coaching.

Entrepreneurship-Cvr-JPEG copyBooks

Entrepreneurship, Weston Distance Learning, 2008. An anecdote driven textbook that taught key concepts of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Included quizzes, assessments, maps, success stories, charts, entrepreneurial roadmaps, and more.

Wings Cvr-JPEG copy


The Woman Who (Lost and) Found Her Wings, Wyngz Press, 2000. A collection of linked short stories that share the female journey from childhood to adulthood. Includes self-directed questions so the reader can write her own story about growing up female. 



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