I see the big picture. Then, I connect the dots. When they don’t connect, I build bridges. My agility as a writer is the result of a 30-year personal practice and a mythic perspective. My first love was fiction. My last love was nonfiction. Today, I write both.

Sample Clips


Michael Biehler, PC: Ghost-written bi-monthly news blog for real estate clients. Sample posts below; additional posts available here.

NuGlow®: Bi-monthly skin-care tips for busy moms:

AAHA’s NEWStat: Daily news blog for veterinary professionals:




That Was a Dumb Thing to Do! Constructive Feedback has the Capacity to Change Behavior

Innovation Leads the Way for Veterinarian Turned Entrepreneur

Trends magazine/July 2017, American Animal Hospital Association


Suicide Cover_Mar16



The Landscape of Suicide: Known Risk Factors, Preventive Measures

Trends Magazine/March 2016, American Animal Hospital Association






The Elephant in the Room: Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

Trends Magazine/December 2015, American Animal Hospital Association



Bias Cover


Wired for Bias

Be aware of your unconscious prejudice.

Trends Magazine/July 2015, American Animal Hospital Association



Strategic Storytelling

Unleash the power of stories for happier endings.

Trends Magazine/May 2015, American Animal Hospital Association




The Creative Edge

Creativity is a practice’s secret competitive edge….

Trends Magazine/February 2015, American Animal Hospital Association



Taking the Lead

Leadership brings rewards to the whole practice team.

Trends Magazine/March 2015, American Animal Hospital Association



What’s Your EQ?

Managing your emotions, and their impact on others, is key to efficiency.

Trends Magazine/December 2014, American Animal Hospital Association






Culture: The Invisible Force 

A culture strategy begins by identifying the why, what, and how of your practice.

Trends Magazine/November 2014, American Animal Hospital Association



The Seductive Power of Story

How to Trigger Learning at a Deep Level

Talent Development/October 2014, Association for Talent Development






Big Data Goes Small

Mine your data for profits.

Trends Magazine/September 2014, American Animal Hospital Association






One Big Happy Family? 

How to Maximize Generational Learning Styles

Trends Magazine/August 2014, American Animal Hospital Association




Get Your Game On

To motivate employees and trigger problem-solving in tough times, look at your practice through a gamer’s lens and show everyone how to win.

Trends Magazine/August 2011, American Animal Hospital Association


Entrepreneurship-Cvr-JPEG copy


Nonfiction how-to

Weston Distance Learning Inc., 2008




Wings Cvr-JPEG copy

The Woman Who (Lost and) Found Her Wings 

Creative nonfiction

Wyngz Press, 2000


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